How to Send Money...

Domestic Wire

Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union
Naperville, IL
ABA# 271987635

Further credit:
ISU Credit Union ABA# 271186931

Final credit:
Member name and account number

International Wire

Please contact us at Member Services or call 309.451.8400

ACH Origination

You can now transfer funds from one institution to another, electronically! Set up a recurring payment for your loan, mortgage payment, to deposit into your savings or checking accounts or you can send money to your student.

What we need from you:

1. Your signature (come by or access to a fax machine)
2. Your account# and ABA/Routing# of your institution
3. Amount of transaction
4. Date and frequency for transfer to occur


To mail a deposit, please include the member name, account and checking/savings on the memo line.

Mail to:
ISU Credit Union
1309 S. Center Street
Normal, IL 61761