Smart Buyer Loan Pre-Approval

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Why Pre-Approve?
  • Protect your personal informationÖand your credit.

    When you apply for a loan at a dealership, you information is broadcast via the internet to every lender that dealership is affiliated with. By preapproving with us, we are the only one that sees your personal information.

  • Be in control of the process

    Having your loan already in place puts you in control. You already have your loan; you know what car you are looking for; you know the price you need; now you just have to find the right car. Donít let the dealership put you in the car they want to sell you.

  • Feel good about buying a car without stress!

    By pre-approving, you can take all the time you need to decide on a car and drive away in a car you know is right for you. Donít get hurried by a high pressure sales pitch.

  • Save time and hassle at the dealership

    Get in and get out! The hard part is already done. Just take your preapproval letter to the dealer and tell them to find you the car you want. Once you find your car, it will take only a few minutes to finalize the purchase.

  • Know your payment before you go

    The pre-approval letter will include your maximum loan amount, an estimate of your trade in, the term of the loan, and the interest rate. This will allow you to approximately know what your monthly payment will be before you find your car.

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  • Who will take care of the pay-off for my trade in?

    The pay-off will be taken care of in the trade. You may have to call to find out your pay-off amount.

  • What happens if I owe more on my trade than the dealer gives me for it?

    This will be determined on individual basis. Should this happen, a Member Service Representative will contact you and work with you.